Konferenzteilnahme des Forschungscenters Betriebliche Immobilienwirtschaft

Das Forschungscenter Betriebliche Immobilienwirtschaft wird an der jährlich stattfindenden Konferenz der European Real Estate Society vom 28.06.2017 in Delft (Niederlande) aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse zu den Themengebieten „Real Estate as a Service“, „Light Industrial Real Estate“ und „Energetische Gebäudesanierung“ präsentieren:



Anne Dörr:

  • How to develop corporate real estate? A decision support tool for CREM

Nikolas Müller:

  • Profitability calculations of future energy efficiency standards for residential buildings from the perspectives of owners and tenants. A case from Germany.
  • Energy and climate policy for the building sector – Which perspectives have to be taken into account and what are their requirements regarding successful policy implications?

Julian Seger:

  • Light Industrial Real Estate between a Capital Market Asset Class and a Corporate’s Strategic Ressource. Evidence from the German Corporate Real Estate Market.