Hauptkategorie, Forschungsgebiet

1. Januar 2008

The Attractiveness of Central Eastern European Countries for Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors

We address the attractiveness of Central Eastern European countries for VC/PE investors by the construction of a composite index. For the index’s composition we refer to the results of numerous prior research papers read more

1. November 2007

Reliability of Public Private Partnership Projects under Assumptions of Cash Flow Volatility

This paper focuses on dynamic financial modelling of recurring cash flow items in PPP projects in operating stage and on risks associated with the volatility of these cash flows. As we concentrate on so-called government-pays read more

1. Oktober 2007

Evaluierung strategischer Optionen für Geschäftsmodelle im Immobilienbestandsmanagement

Die Studie „Evaluierung strategischer Optionen für Geschäftsmodelle im Immobilienbestandsmanagement“ nimmt die zahlreichen Eigentümerwechsel in Immobilienbeständen zum Anlass, um die Reaktionen des Marktes read more